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About Us

C-TEAM  Quality Cleaning Services

Serving the Scotland


  C team cleaning is company in Edinburgh area. 

We have experience and modern approach to customer. 
We offer commercial and domestic services. 
We can help you with daily cleaning, complete cleaning before and after removal and after house improvements. 
You do not have time to clean after your child- we can help you. 
Our professional team will take care of your house. 
We can do laundry, ironing, steam cleaning. 
We are able to meet/ deal with highest demands. 
C team cleaning is waiting to help you.

Cleaning regularly is important

-People who work in a clean and orderly environment are less likely to have accidents or to be exposed to other hazards.

-People tend to take more pride in their work and be more productive and more particular about safety.

-A clean and orderly environment promotes a safe workplace.

-A clean office gives your business a professional image.

-A clean office will project an image of a tidy, productive and accomplished business.


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